Privacy policy


Collecting and processing personal data

We collect and process personal data to be able to contact people and communicate with them, to be able to provide our services, to develop our web site and for marketing purposes, such as creating personalized advertisements. The data is stored in dedicated records. Depending on the purpose, we collect contact information, invoicing information, information about contacts, and information about the usage of our products and our websites.

Passing and accessing your personal data

We do not pass the personal data we have collected to third parties unless it is necessary for invoicing or for other mandatory purposes. As an exception, we pass user information of some of our own products to the retailer of the product in question. Additionally, we are using certain third-party cookies for analyzing our web site usage and for marketing purposes. If you would like to access, rectify, or erase your personal data present in our records, please contact our record keeper.


A cookie is a small file saved by a web site to the user’s computer. When the user returns to the web site the cookie will provide information to the site. Our web site uses cookies to analyze our web site usage and for digital marketing purposes. They also make sharing our web site content easier.

Record keeper

ATR Soft Oy, VAT number FI15850606, address Joukahaisenkatu 1, 20520 Turku, Finland, phone +358 20 712 9620, email, website, person to be contacted Esa Aaltonen