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Serving our customers better with the CUSTOMTOOLS Service Desk

Serving our customers better with the CUSTOMTOOLS Service Desk

Aug 13, 2019 12:00 am (CET)

Maybe you know already, but subtle changes are always taking place.
This is true also at the CUSTOMTOOLS team where we are constantly evaluating and evolving our processes.

From the start of 2019 we began a journey adopting a heap of new systems to track all of our work.
This is everything from our small projects, crazy ideas and our services provided to our customers and resellers of CUSTOMTOOLS software portfolio.

February we made the transition completely and are now using an industry leading solution to deliver first class support.
Honestly, it is first class support - because we can prove this by numbers now.

Since February we received 793 tickets at the writing of this post.
Out of these, 791 has been resolved, with a satisfaction rating of 4.7/5.

The time to resolution is 12 hours 30 minutes, and this is actually a bit distorted by fact that many customers has been enjoying vacation and prolonged the resolution times.

If we ignore the worst 10%, our time to resolution drops to a more respectful 5 hours.

Are we perfect?
Not at all! But we feel pretty confident in claiming our support is right up there and we are for sure not scared of meeting our customers face to face.

But what other subtle changes have we made available unnoticed?

Well, our webpage,, was introduced quite some time ago, and here you have been able to find our resource center since the beginning.
In many of our responses to customers we now link directly to knowledgebase articles and SPRs that you can freely search and check if there is a solution to or even an existing SPR for.

Speaking about SPRs...
We often create different levels of bugs and enhancement requests, submitted from our users and resellers.
Many times these are followed up with a question like "will this be fixed in next version then?"
Well, if the issue is critical, we strive to fix it as soon as at all possible.
But quite often they are created as unscheduled and the reporter is added as reference. Obviously, the more references any SPR has, the higher it becomes upvoted in our system as we can see it will make more customers happier.

With 43 SPRs created on average, per month, it is impossible to keep up.
It is not because we disagree on your views or that we do not at all think your idea is fantastic - it is simply because of references to the SPR or the level if severity it has been created with.

A few other numbers to end this post:
Although not ALL was direct support, I personally held 69 remote sessions with an average of 24 minutes 30 seconds.

Based on the average, I can, with fair confidence, tell a customer up front that I can have a look with remote software, and that I expect this to be resolved in no more than 30 minutes.

We, at ATR Soft, take pride in our solutions and we do not stop at delivering the software to you, but we follow it up with the best service that we can possible provide.
Your satisfaction feedback as well as personal feedback is very appreciated - even when we perform poorly. Because then we notice that something went wrong, and we can get back instantly to correct this matter.

Tim Rosendal Halvorsen, Sales Manager

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