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How to get started with CUSTOMTOOLS

How to get started with CUSTOMTOOLS

May 7, 2024 12:00 am (CET)

Our reseller's Application Engineer, Lennart Tinndahl, wrote an article series on what you can do with CUSTOMTOOLS, as well as, how to get started.

The first article CUSTOMTOOLS for everyone is about:

  • What is CUSTOMTOOLS?
  • Installing CUSTOMTOOLS
    • Projects
    • Sequences
    • Properties
    • Lists
    • Combination Properties
    • RAL color
    • Drawing Creation
    • Batch Job, File Conversion & Export Profiles
    • Cutting edge profile options
    • PDM

In the second article Setting up CUSTOMTOOLS - Getting Started Lennart goes through:

  • Setting up a Profile
  • Custom Properties

The third article Setting up CUSTOMTOOLS for File Conversion in SOLIDWOKRS includes:

  • Setting up the File Converter
  • Modify File Name
  • Export Bill of Materials
  • Running the Tasks

Thank you Lennart for a great article series!

If CUSTOMTOOLS is new for you, get a free trial, or contact your reseller.