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Un nouveau membre a rejoint l'équipe CUSTOMTOOLS

Un nouveau membre a rejoint l'équipe CUSTOMTOOLS

May 29, 2019 12:00 am (CET)

The CUSTOMTOOLS team is proud to announce that Olli Murto has joined the CUSTOMTOOLS team.

Here is a short introduction written by Olli:

Hello, my name is Olli and I have just joined the CUSTOMTOOLS team here in Finland. I have several years of background in PLM consultancy, software development and sales. I am problem solver by nature, so I look very much forward to discussing with all of you - in English, Finnish or German - how we can help automate your routines with the CUSTOMTOOLS offering, and help you focus on the design work. In my free time, I enjoy e.g. watching football (Finnish leagues, English Premier League and the German Bundesliga) and spending time with my two children. Happy to connect for example at the CUSTOMTOOLS World event in Brussels in September!

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