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Nouveautés dans CUSTOMTOOLS 2019

Nouveautés dans CUSTOMTOOLS 2019

Oct 18, 2018 12:00 am (CET)

For CUSTOMTOOLS 2019, the two major features are the easy implementation and the integration to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. We also added some general enhancements to CUSTOMTOOLS.

Easy implementation:

With that feature, we are hoping to cut the time use from the implementation and setup of CUSTOMTOOLS for the new users to make the basic configuration and also to make it easier to configure the CUSTOMTOOLS Profile..

  • Modules:

For OEM Resellers, we have introduced the modules approach. The main features of CUSTOMTOOLS are now divided into modules. This approach let OEM Resellers to define their own package(s) including a combination of modules (E.g., Custom property, batch operation, export,…).

  • Single sign-on:

The CUSTOMTOOLS end users have now the possibility to also use the Windows authentication to connect to the CUSTOMTOOLS database, if they do not want to use the CUSTOMTOOLS users.

  • Print and convert wizard:

If no printing or file conversion profiles have been defined or if the user wishes to add new ones, this can be performed directly from the Batch operations dialog, through a simplified wizard that will let you to easily add new rules. The new printing and file conversion profiles can then be edited in the CUSTOMTOOLS Options.


The integration to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has finally arrived. It is included in all packages of CUSTOMTOOLS (Basic and Professional) and does not require any specific installation or set up.

  • Files are automatically added to the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault and default values applied.
  • The files are not duplicated in the CT Database, as CUSTOMTOOLS uses the PDM database.
  • SW PDM serial numbers can be retrieved in the CUSTOMTOOLS property pane.
  • Converted files are automatically checked in into the PDM Vault.
  • Possibility to map custom property values of the SOLIDWORKS files to the variables of the data card used for the converted documents.
  • During the printing and file conversion operations, the user will receive warnings if using another version of the files than the latest one.

Other improvements:

  • Orientation for non-sheet metal files:

A default orientation view to be used for the creation of DXF Files and the cutting profile for non-sheet metal parts can be defined. In the past, CUSTOMTOOLS only used the top view for DXF creation and the first view for the cutting profile which were not necessarily the correct ones. For sheet metal parts, CUSTOMTOOLS uses automatically the flat pattern view.

  • Color options for the batch printing:

CUSTOMTOOLS now offers the possibility to select a default color to be used during the printing of the drawings. Drawings can be printed in Black & white or color.

  • CUSTOMTOOLS 2019 includes also a lot of other smaller enhancements.

Francois Simon, Sales Manager

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