CUSTOMTOOLS World event in Silkeborg, Denmark

CUSTOMTOOLS World event in Silkeborg, Denmark

Oct 2, 2019 4:00 pm (CET)


Today, October 2nd, we arranged a CUSTOMTOOLS World user event in Silkeborg Denmark. We are arranging these events to keep CUSTOMTOOLS users informed of the latest features and upcoming items on the roadmap. Also, these have proven a good chance for our product development teams to gather first-hand feedback on how our products work in real-life scenarios.



This time, on the agenda we had

  • catch up on CUSTOMTOOLS 2019 features, what has been added

  • what is new in upcoming CUSTOMTOOLS 2020, and what have we planned after that

  • scripting possibilities in CUSTOMTOOLS

  • introducing our newest product, CT Publisher

If you think we should arrange a similar event close to where you are located, please contact us with the contact form below, we are happy to hear from you!


Francois Simon

Sales Manager