CUSTOMTOOLS guides the design process at DIAM 

DIAM, Tailor-Made Retail & Merchandising Solutions, UK

DIAM Group creates retail & merchandising solutions, like point-of-sales materials, store designs, and niche packaging, for brands and retailers. 

It has established itself in 20 countries across the globe. In a fast-changing retail environment, DIAM understands its clients’ need for high-quality and competitive solutions. 

In the UK, DIAM utilizes SOLIDWORKS to design unique point-of-sale installations with a team of about 30 designers. 

“I knew if we use CUSTOMTOOLS, we’ll be more efficient. It has powerful tools, and it can also substitute PDM.”
customers Mert GundogduDevelopment Director, DIAM UK

The challenge: 
Streamline the design process 

DIAM UK was looking for a tool to help them structure and automate the design process. They wanted to streamline the process to be more efficient.

DIAM also wanted to minimize the designers’ admin work since no designer enjoys it. Manual admin work also increases the risks of errors. 

Project designs in the industry are typically changing on the fly, and it was problematic that when the design changed, there was a need to change everything. 

The projects were managed in Excel, but there was a plan to start utilizing ERP. 

The solution: 
Organized structure and customized solution

DIAM found CUSTOMTOOLS videos from YouTube, contacted the CUSTOMTOOLS team, and started the discussion. One of the reasons DIAM was interested in CUSTOMTOOLS was the ERP Connector included. They were also interested in property management, batch processing, and BOM features. 

The DIAM team created a very organized structure in CUSTOMTOOLS and set up ERP integration in place. CUSTOMTOOLS team did also some customization work. 

In their solutions:

  • The customized project creator tool creates projects, folders, and locations in the servers. Part numbers are generated automatically by combining customer brand or project number, sequence, and suffix.  
  • CUSTOMTOOLS guides the designer by reducing, e.g., the material options available if the designer is using purchased parts to avoid errors.  
  • There is a customized structure in CUSTOMTOOLS that matches the structure of ERP. Everything that is visible in CUSTOMTOOLS is also visible in ERP, which reduces the designers’ pain in understanding the ERP system. 
  • The customized CUSTOMTOOLS batch printing template enables them to ZIP items, even 1 500 parts, with one hit of a button.
  • The customized feature lets them filter parts in the assembly based on materials, export the 3D drawings, zip them, and make them easy to share.
  • The customized clean-up tool clears unnecessary information from the database, which speeds up the SQL load up and is helpful when people work from several locations.
  • Report templates support sustainability and estimating reporting.


The outcome:
Project delivery time significantly improved due to reduced admin work needs

CUSTOMTOOLS has helped DIAM to save time. In addition, a more guided manner of working has increased efficiency.

Faster delivery is a competitive advantage in an industry that is generally short in time. 

If you are interested in learning more about CUSTOMTOOLS or SOLIDWORKS development, you can contact us or download a free demo of CUSTOMTOOLS today!