CUSTOMTOOLS saves time and facilitates the SOLIDWORKS design process at Deloupe




Canadian Deloupe designs and produces semi-trailers. Most of their production comes from custom trailers designed upon their customers’ request. Deloupe started in the forest industry and has recently served especially the recycling industry with elliptical trailers. They also have lowboys and dumpers for construction industry needs. 

Deloupe’s semi-trailers are known for their strength, reliability, and durability. Deloupe introduces innovations every year, done by a team of 6 engineers and 7 draftsmen.

Since 2012 Deloupe has designed with SOLIDWORKS 3D and enhanced the design process with CUSTOMTOOLS. Deloupe has bought licenses from Canadian reseller SOLUTIONS 3DL and is one of their first CUSTOMTOOLS customers.  

CUSTOMTOOLS helped us transition from 2D to 3D while also allowing us to manage products and projects. Thanks to CUSTOMTOOLS, we have automated the creation of PDF’s and the DXF’s. CUSTOMTOOLS team also does a wonderful job at listening to their customers and even providing solutions to problems around SOLIDWORKS in general.
customers Alex Lachance3D Designer Draftsman

Challenges in 3D design tool and process

In 2012 Deloupe took as a target to increase production and cut down the time spent on drawings. The design product they were using was not efficient enough when they went deeper into designs like they had to with waste management trailers. 

Deloupe’s team was also struggling with how to handle project management and wanted a tool to facilitate the design process. 


SOLIDWORKS’ Canadian reseller SOLUTIONS 3DL recommended SOLIDWORKS combined with CUSTOMTOOLS and demonstrated how they could save time with the new solution. He also showed Deloupe’s team how CUSTOMTOOLS could easily assign different projects. 

Deloupe’s team did the base work to figure out the names of the part categories and build a server for the solution. The reseller built a CUSTOMTOOLS profile and sent it to Deloupe’s team. The team lead did some testing and then started to work with their ERP so that they could send the information from SOLIDWORKS to ERP. 

Deloupe’s team especially appreciates that they can now automatically create PDF and DXF whenever they save a file. They also see very useful the batch process main assembly to create PDF and DXF. The team also appreciates the ability to copy a project entirely and rename it quickly updating all file references automatically.

The team has also used CUSTOMTOOLS to make a French-English dictionary which helped them standardize product descriptions for the French industry.  

Deloupe utilizes the following CUSTOMTOOLS features:   

  • File management 
  • Property management 
  • Search tool and Explore command
  • Sheet metal tool
  • Copy command 
  • Excel reports 


Before, Deloupe had to do every single drawing one by one. If the trailer had 350 drawings, the team had to open and send 350 drawings to the ERP one by one. With SOLIDWORKS and CUSTOMTOOLS, the team can do it from one main assembly. 

Deloupe’s goal for the new solutions was to be able to double their production. Since then, the production has grown already four times bigger. The growth work is done in the design team and the production line by a knowledgeable crew.



Further possibilities

Currently, Deloupe’s team makes a BOM and exports it to ERP. Canadian reseller has pointed out that if Deloupe wants to make a proper integration between SOLIDWORKS and ERP, CUSTOMTOOLS team can help.