CUSTOMTOOLS automated the process to create customized Excel BOMs for Devialet

Devialet, an acoustical engineering company from France

Devialet operates at the intersection of luxury and cutting edge technology. Devialet is on a mission to elevate sound to its rightful place in people's lives by delivering uniquely meaningful audio experiences through iconic products. The foundation of Devialet’s success is built upon a series of radical innovations in the audio world, from hardware to signal treatment, improving audio experience, embedded in all Devialet products: Expert Pro amplifiers, Phantom speakers, true wireless earbud Devialet Gemini and Devialet Dione soundbar. 

Devialet has production of its own and ODM production partners, but the primary value comes from his strength in the R&D research and the product design. 

“The result of the development work was excellent. It solved our problem, and it was exactly what we expected.“
customers Max RainerMechanical Engineer

Challenges with a customized, colored bill of materials

Devialet has been using SOLIDWORKS for years. They had a PDM in use and a manual process to build a bill of materials (BOM) with different combinations of parts. However, making and updating a customized, colored BOM took time and was tedious for the designers. 

Devialet wanted to automate the process, but the PDM had its limitations, and Devialet did not want to make a compromise on the quality.

CUSTOMTOOLS Excel export and SOLIDWORKS development

With the help of CUSTOMTOOLS product and development work, Devialet got a fully automated process to export 3D models and all the information to Excel. 

The solution uses CUSTOMTOOLS export to build a customized Excel report from an assembly structure and embed the resulting excel report table in an existing SOLIDWORKS drawing. The Excel report is organized by configurations and structural levels in a way that is possible to see, e.g., the quantities of different components used in various configurations.


90 % less routine work & mistake-free BOMs

Before, it took one week for one person to update a BOM. The work was time-consuming and unmotivating and included a risk of human mistakes.

Now, it takes about 4 hours to update a BOM. The first five minutes are used to export itself, and the rest of the time is spent validating the result. The validating job is easy since the designer just checks that there are no blanks where there should be values. 

Making the bill of materials is a critical step for Devialet’s business. It has made an enormous difference cost-wise since Devialet has reduced the project times by a couple of days. 

In addition to saving time, the automated process has removed the risk of human mistakes resulting in mistake-free BOMs.  


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