SOLIDWORKS and Monitor G5 Integration: Unleashing Efficiency at Green Automation 

Green Automation, fully automated growing systems, Finland  

Green Automation designs, manufactures, and delivers fully automated growing systems of lettuces and herbs. It has several patented technologies around open gutter systems, and it works worldwide, the main market being currently North America.  

“Whole process of developing this software was a lean process and the commissioning stage of software was done quickly.”
customers Tero LaaksoCEO, Green Automation

The challenge: ERP solution to manage project deliveries

Green Automation’s mechanical engineering works with SOLIDWORKS. For already two decades, they have also used CUSTOMTOOLS to support design activities at many stages in a cloud-based decentralized engineering environment.  

With CUSTOMTOOLS, Green Automation, for instance, manages all metadata of SOLIDWORKS files and utilizes advanced search to find files according to that data. Mass file conversions are also used daily.  

The operation model has been developed over the years so that they can work without a heavy PDM system, which would slow the process and make telecommuting more difficult with fluctuating internet connections. 

Green Automation has a wide product range, from the growing systems to the supporting machinery and services of those systems. Their self-designed machinery consists of thousands of SOLIDWORKS parts with multiple-level assembly hierarchies. 

They started searching for suitable ERP solution to manage the project deliveries of such systems.

The Solution: SOLIDWORKS integration to Monitor G5 with CUSTOMTOOLS

After comparing many suppliers, Green Automation chose Monitor G5 as their ERP solution. Monitor G5 has extensive capabilities in handling manufacturing processes. They also appreciated the option to get accounting as a service with Monitor in Finland. 

They also wanted working integration between SOLIDWORKS and Monitor G5 and contacted CUSTOMTOOLS at the early stage of decision-making. Because of their long history with CUSTOMTOOLS, it was a natural decision for them to use the built-in features of CUSTOMTOOLS for communication between SOLIDWORKS and Monitor G5 with additional features that were developed together just for their needs. 


The Outcome: Efficient design process, satisfied designers 

CUSTOMTOOLS integration with Monitor G5 and SOLIDWORKS has many benefits. Integration of metadata and assembly structures cuts down the lead time of the design process, reduces the possibilities for errors, and makes the dull part of the design process more favorable to the designers. 

In the future, Green Automation thinks of integrating the spare part and aftersales operations with CUSTOMTOOLS and Monitor G5 more tightly together, again cutting down the dull part of the aftersales process. 


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